Pedigree Points


Pedigree Points

A handbook of what judges look for in over 100 of the most popular breeds.

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    Author: Janice Gardner
    Pages: 156
    Format: Hardback

    Have you ever wondered how the top winners at dog shows are selected? Do you know what can be the deciding factor between two dogs that, at first sight, seem to be of equal quality? Whether you show dogs professionally, as a serious hobby, or wish to enter your family pet for the local dog show, this complete at-a-glance guide to judging the points of fine dogs is an essential, handy reference.

    • Checklist of more than 800 points for showing your dog and judging the points of a prospective champion
    • Covers all the variety of groups, the breeds' characterists, temperament and general size
    • Each breed is illustrated in stunning, full-colour photography for easy identification
    • Highlights important differences in breed standards and variations in practice across countries

    Authors :

    Janice Gardner was first approved to judge American Kennel Club (AKC) shows in 1980 and has judged throughout North America ever since. She is the author of The Legislative Action Manual, published by the AKC. She lives in New Hampshire, USA.

    Brian Leonard worked for Britain's Kennel Club for twenty years. During this time he was employed in every aspect of the Club's work, his final role there being that of External Affairs Executive. He has shown dogs at Crufts and other important championship shows in Britain. He lives in London.


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