Rogz Pupz Harness
[ TPP-02236-D ]

The new product development team of Scientists at Rogz have invented a new "PUPZ" range to ensure that puppies wearing these funky new Beltz will feel really special. So they used a secret process call "Mojo-Sublimation". By encapsulating Dr. von Schnauzer's special mojo puppy-juice into each and every PUPZ Belt when manufactured, every pup wearing a new ROGZ collar, lead or harness will be sure to have good luck, good health and really stand out in the crowd.


We don't have pictures of the Rogz Pupz harnesses yet, however they are the same style as above and the same colours as the Pupz collars below.





Size Guide :

 Size    Girth Size  Breeds
 Yip  X-Small  21-34cm  Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkie
 Yip Yap  Small  28-47cm  Pug, Dachshund, Terrier
 Yip Yap Yo  Medium  40-70cmcm  Lab, Dalmatian, Boxer

Don't forget to check out the matching leads and tags!

Available Options:
Yip Yap:$15.95
Yip Yap Yo:$20.95