The Longhaired Cat

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    At last, a book for cat owners that emphasizes total care and companionship and addresses the special needs of longhaired cats!

    The Longhaired Cat: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet includes a description and beautiful colour photo of each longhaired breed, information on how and where to choose your cat, sound advice on how to keep your cat healthy, insight into your cat's behaviour, and much more.

    The Longhaired Cat: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet is full of easy-to-reference sidebars on everything from what to put in your cat's first aid kit to old-world legends about cat history. Whether you're a new cat owner with questions about bringing home your new pet, or a long-time cat lover facing new feline dilemmas, this book will provide you with the answers you need.

    About the Author:
    ANNA SADLER has been active in the cat fancy for 20 years as a breeder/exhibitor of Persian cats. She is committed to animal welfare activities,and is a frequent contributor to Cat Fancier's Almanac and other cat-related publications.

    Table of Contents:
    PART ONE: Welcome to the World of the Longhaired Cat.
    1. History of the Cat.
    2. The Longhaired Breeds.
    3. Choosing the Longhaired Cat for You.
    4. Your Individual Cat.
    PART TWO: Living with Your Longhaired Cat.
    5. Your Cat and Your Home.
    6. Feeding Your Cat.
    7. Grooming Your Longhaired Cat.
    8. Your Cat's Health.
    PART THREE: Enjoying Your Cat.
    9. Feline Behaviour and Training.
    10. Things You Can Do with Your Cat.
    PART FOUR: Beyond the Basics.
    11. Recommended Reading.
    12. Resources.

    Hardcover 158 pages.

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The Longhaired Cat

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