French Bulldog An Owner's Guide Happy Pet

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    Adorable! Spelled the same in French and English, this word sums up the petite French Bulldog. Similar in build to the very popular Pug, the French Bulldog is a roly-poly lotta-lovin' dog -- avec un attitude!

    Table of Contents:

    PART ONE: Welcome to the World of the French Bulldog.
    1. What Is a French Bulldog?
    2. The French Bulldog's History.
    3. The World According to the French Bulldog.
    PART TWO: Living with a French Bulldog.
    4. Bringing Home Your French Bulldog.
    5. Feeding Your French Bulldog.
    6. Grooming Your French Bulldog.
    7. Keeping Your French Bulldog Healthy.
    PART THREE: Enjoying Your Dog.
    PART FOUR: Beyond the Basics.

    Author - KATHY DANNEL has bred and shown French Bulldogs under the kennel name Jackpot! for almost ten years. Her dogs are frequently shown in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. She regularly produces champions. Dannel serves as production manager for two magazines devoted to French Bulldogs. She resides in Mendota, Minnesota.

    Hardcover - 160 pages

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French Bulldog An Owner's Guide Happy Pet

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French Bulldog An Owner's Guide Happy Pet

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