The Guide to Owning Oscars
[ TFH-00355 ]

Combining very interesting behaviour with good looks and hardiness under aquarium conditions, oscars have long been among the favourites of tropical fish hobbyists. They exhibit the devoted (and highly interesting to observe) parental care behaviour associated with ost other fishes of their family, the Cichlide, and they are relatively intelligent fish-to the point, as author Stratton relates, that they can even be taught to do simple tricks.

This books provides all of the information anyone, even a beginner, needs to set up an oscar aquarium and maintain - possibly even breed - them successfully, all presented in an enjoyably easy-to-learn-from style and coupled with excellent full-colour photos of both wild-type oscars and the newer colour varieties.

  • Tiger Oscars
  • Red Oscars
  • Pairing off
  • Water Conditions

Soft cover - 64 pages
Author : Richard F. Stratton