EnviroCat - A new approach to caring for your cat
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Why should my cat be an EnviroCat?

Because it will live longer, be healthier and happier and will give you more pleasure. And it wont be out killing native animals.

An EnviroCat

  • is a loving and amusing companion
  • is safe from the number one killer, cars
  • enjoys the best of health
  • doesnt kill birds and wildlife
  • doesnt upset your neighbours by scratching up the garden
  • doesnt come home with war wounds

The streets and alleys of cities and towns, and even country areas, are hazardous places for cats. They dont know how to cross roads. They see the whole neighbourhood as theirs, and can scare away the birds and native animals and upset even the most understanding neighbours.

EnviroCat helps you solve these problems. Learn how to

  • train your kitten or cat (yes, it can be done)
  • understand its every sound and gesture so you can chattogether
  • feed and look after it properly
  • solve problem behaviour
  • keep it active and entertained

Once you see the effects of this safe new lifestyle, you will wonder why cats have been left on the streets for so long.

Author : Robin Stewart