Vet's All Natural Complete Puppy Mix 15Kg

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    It was not until just over 30 years ago in Australia that the first commercial cooked dog and cat foods were released onto the market and with that, began the slow and insidious decline in health of modern day dogs and cats. The average veterinarian today spends more than half his or her working day treating the epidemic of skin diseases, allergies, arthritis, teeth and gum problems, ear infections, anal gland impactions, urinary tract diseases and a huge range of degenerative diseases and cancers previously only thought to occur in man.

    Dr Syme, along with a growing body of vets, breeders, and every day dog and cat owners, and a wealth of scientific evidence, believes that it is the practice of feeding cooked and processed pet foods, especially meat products, that has resulted in the dramatic decline in health of modern dogs and cats.

    Dr Syme has developed a range of natural, raw foods and food supplements that are designed to provide a diet that mimics Mother Nature's recipe. The Vets All Natural range is the result of years of trials, research and investigation. The latest product development, Complete Mix,is a combination of air dried cereal grains, mixed fruits and vegetables, garlic, yeast, kelp, lecithin, calcium and vitamin C. It is designed to combine with good quality raw meat to produce a completely natural, preservative and additive free, scientifically balanced, raw food diet.

    Complete Mix contains a combination of uncooked mixed cereal grains including rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal and whole oats. The carefully formulated meal also has dried vegetables,garlic, parsley, barley grass, calcium, yeast , kelp, lecithin and vitamin C.

    The 5kg bag will last a 10kg dog for over two and a half months or a 35kg dog for a month.

    100% All natural ingredients
    100% Preservative Free


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Vet's All Natural Complete Puppy Mix 15Kg

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Vet's All Natural Complete Puppy Mix 15Kg

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