Habitrail Mini - Mush-Room for Mice
[ PAC-04402 ]
An Add-On to the Mini Habitrail Kit the Mini Mush-Room is a great place for your pet to snuggle up in.

Typically your pet will climb in with food and bedding so they can make a comfortable place to sleep.

The Habitrail Mini System simulates the natural living environment of small pets. Habitrail Mini is designed specifically for mice and dwarf hamsters so that they can climb and play easily and safely.

  • Climbing Tube
  • Provides additional space for your pet to play or sleep
  • Provides easy viewing of your pet
  • Great sleeping area for your small pet

This can be used in any mouse environment as it does not have to attach to the Habitrail system. The tube is a climbing tube and the platform attaches to the side of the cage.