Purifie Smellzoff Odour Absorber for Pet Homes
[ DRN-04426 ]
Purifie SmellzOff for pet home can be placed inside terrariums, rabbit cages, hamster cages and other small cages to reduce the stale odour emitted from the faeces.

Purifie's odourless character works well with the animals who have a much heightened sense of smell that may distort their senses and in some instances be harmful to them.

Purifie is an organic product without chemicals that pose dangers to them.

Purifie is a powerful odour absorber which is organic, hypoallergenic and chemical free. It is very safe to use around young children, those with asthma and pets.

What makes Purifie so effective is that it doesn’t just mask odours it absorbs and traps them completely and does not leave any residue.