Black Dog Connector Strap
[ BDW-00444 ]

Backup Security.
Although Black Dog Head Halters are designed to tighten if a dog pulls backwards to escape the halter, in some cases you might require extra security.

Connector Straps provide a great backup security for Training Halters, Infin8 Halters, Balance Harnesses and Car Harnesses.

Connected from a D Ring on the Harness or Halter back to the dog's collar it helps prevent those "houdini dogs" from effecting their escape.

Connector Straps offer Security for working with...

  • Very strong dogs
  • Difficult temperament dogs
  • Dogs with Aggression Issues
  • Dogs with a history of chewing Halters or backing out of Halters and Harnesses
  • Dogs with very fine coat, where the hair offers no grip to the straps on a Harness or Halter.

Mini Size - for use with Mini & Small Training Halter, Size 1 & 2 Infin8, or with Mini & Small size Harnesses.

Regular Size - for use with Medium & Large Training Halter, Size 3,4 & 5 Infin8, or with Medium & Large size Harnesses.

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