Dog Whisperer Complete First Season

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    Cesar Millan has been called a Dr. Phil for dogs, and for good reason. Cesar's amazing rehabilitations of aggressive, scared, lazy, compulsive, and jealous dogs captured the national spotlight when his National Geographic Channel (NGC) series Dog Whisperer premiered in September 2004. Regular viewers soon came to realize it wasn't the dogs but the quirky owners who needed Cesar's help the most.

    Cesar is often the last resort for clients confronting crises with their beloved pets. While most of Dog Whisperer episodes take place in and near the homes of dogs and their owners, Cesar sometimes decides to bring extreme cases to his Dog Psychology Center for Power of the Pack training. There, they meet his resident dogs, which number as many as 50 at a time, last-chance Rottweilers, pit bulls, and Dobermanns originally marked for death but now enjoying a new lease on life while assisting Cesar in training other dogs.

    The is the Dog Whisperer Complete First Season 26 Episodes.

    Run time 660 minutes.

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Dog Whisperer Complete First Season

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Dog Whisperer Complete First Season

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