Sporn Head Halter - Head Control

[ TPP-01738 ]
Product Review By DonaleeF
Posted on Sunday 24 October, 2010


I have a 44kg Bouvier des Flandres he's just turned 1 yr old. I love this halter as it attatches to lead at the back of his head. We tried the halti type that attatch under the chin and he just chewed them up. you have to make sure its fitted correctly and that the collar is firm(not too tight though) and that you pull the nose loop out from between the under chin loops up and over the muzzle or it will slide as it wont be fitted correctly. Just follow the instructions making sure you dont twist the cord over the nose and you will find yoou have a fantastic collar that your dog wont pull you along with. Also I like that if you have to tie your dog up anywhere you just unclip your lead from the back loop and attatch it too the 2 loops at back of neck making the need for an additional collar unnecessary inlike the halti's type halters