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    Dignity, beauty and grace describe the Afghan Hound, a native sighthound from Afghanistan, whose near-human expression, intelligence and intensity have fascinated mankind for centuries. This is a long-coated dog who is graced with elegance, yet designed for hunting in the desert marked with characteristic aloofness, yet affectionate with his own people: and gifted with a free spirit and independent thought, yet trainable and obedient. The Afghan Hound today has evolved into a fashionable home companion and a flashy, superlative show dog. This book provides the much-needed factual information about the Afghan Hound and its ancestry, character and standard, as well as the proper selection, feeding, training, preventative health care and showing. The new owner will welcome advice about puppy-proofing the home, preparing for the pup's arrival and preventing puppy problems.

    In addition to an extremely authoritative  text, this book presents over 135 photographs in full colour, which prove to be as informative as they are attractive. Helpful hints and important information are highlighted to provide easy access to everything the reader needs to know about life with an Afghan Hound.

    Whether it's basic training problems, allergies or fleas, this book is the way to prevention providing the reader with the necessary guidance an owner needs from puppyhood through the senior years. Recommended by top breeders and trainers, this book is the responsible first choice of every new owner of an Afghan Hound.

    Topics discussed include:

    • History of the Afghan Hound
    • Characteristics of the Afghan Hound
    • The Afghan Hound Breed Standard
    • Your Afghan Hound Puppy
    • Everyday Care of Your Afghan Hound
    • Housebreaking and Training Your Afghan Hound
    • Health Care of Your Afghan Hound
    • Showing Your Afghan Hound

    Author : Bryony Harcourt-Brown
    Hardcover - 155 pages

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