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    The Maltese is regarded as the most sweet-natured of the Toy breeds, highly-valued for its beautiful, long, white, silky coat and melting, dark eyes. Known as "ye ancient dogge of Malta", the breed has a history which began before Christ was born. It was the aristocrat of the canine world, esteemed by royalty and the aristocracy.

    In this highly comprehensive Book of the Breed, the author traces the Maltese's history from its early beginnings to its status today as a top show dog worldwide, and a popular companion. Expert advice is given on choosing and caring for a puppy, examining nutritional and exercise needs from puppyhood to maturity. There is a special section devoted to coat care, including preparation for the show ring, which is illustrated with top-quality photographs. The Breed Standard is analysed in detail, and there is comprehensive coverage on breeding, whelping and rearing a litter. Featuring over one hundred photographs, this book is a must for all Maltese enthusiasts.


    Hardcover - 165 pages First published in 1996
    Author : Vicki Herrieff (Snowgoose prefix)

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