Chihuahua - A New Owners Guide

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    History, characteristics, selection, temperament, grooming, training, health, exercise, housebreaking and more are covered in this hardcover must have book for any Chihuahua owner.

    Hardcover - 155 pages

    About the Author :

    Originally an exhibitor of Beagles, author MARION MONDSHINE's first Chihuahua came from her friend Samuel R. Whittaker, Jr., whose highly respected Attas line was all but extinct. However, because of the many fine attributes of the bloodline, Marion decided to bring it back to the show ring.

    The first dogs Marion obtained from the line were of companion dog quality, but by 1979, she had bred her descendants from those original dogs. Registered under her own Shine On kennel name, Shine On Ms. Piggy of Yaupon Row began a line of champions for Marion and Shine On.

    Marion's success in breeding and showing Chihuahuas led to her active involvement in the Houston Chihuahua Club and the Houston Kennel Club. She also became active in the Texas Dog Judge's Association when she began to judge Beagles and Chihuahuas for the American Kennel Club. Although no longer active in Chihuahua breeding, Marion now also judges Italian Greyhounds, Maltese, Pekingese, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire Terriers.

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Chihuahua - A New Owners Guide

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Chihuahua - A New Owners Guide

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