Click-A-Trick Card Set w/Clicker

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    These sturdy UV laminated cards, each with a different, amazing clicker trick or key canine skill are brightly illustrated and easily explained. Each card tells you how to teach your dog good manners or a new trick in just ten (or less) easy steps.
    Your dog can learn to:-

    • Find your lost keys
    • Come when called
    • Sit and down on cue
    • Play 'Hide N' Seek' with you and the kids!
    • Walk on a loose lead
    • Fetch your favourite object
    • Stop barking when you want! (or start)!
    • Greet you with a high five!
    • Overcome shyness
    • No prior clicker training experience required
    • Follow the easy instructions on the quick-start card.
    • Will work with any breed, any age, any dog.

    Set includes:

    1. 9 trick cards
    2. 1 instructional card
    3. i-click clicker
    4. cute dog bone carabineer and key ring combination for holding your clicker
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Click-A-Trick Card Set w/Clicker

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Click-A-Trick Card Set w/Clicker

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