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    This Special Rare Breed Edition dedicated to the Sussex Spaniel is the only book of its kind about this delightful Gundog breed, whose somber expression and furrowed brow well disguise the Sussex's cheerful, happy disposition. As a companion dog, show dog, hunting dog or all of the above, the Sussex Spaniel is one of the dog-world's best kept secrets. Breed saviour, Mrs Joy Freed says that `if you want a challenge and wish to work a fine traditional spaniel breed, then perhaps you should take a second look at the little brown job'. Author Becki Jo Hirschy, an American spaniel authority, trainer and breeder, echoes these sentiments and describes the breed as an amusing dog who loves to be the centre of attention, grinning to show off his full compliment of canine whites!

    This full-colour introductory guide provides the necessary facts about acquiring a well-bred puppy, coat care, temperament, training and much more. Combining the expertise of breed specialists, veterinary surgeons, trainers and behaviourists with a team of experienced book designers, photographers and illustrators, this book promises to be a resourceful and factual guide for every Sussex person. Illustrated with over 135 colour photographs, this book proves to be as attractive as it is informative. Additionally,
    innovations of modern science have enabled the publisher to present never-before-seen scanning electron micrograph images produced exclusively for this limited-edition series

    A Special Rare Breed Edition covering :

    • History
    • Characteristics
    • Breed Standard
    • Your Puppy
    • Everyday Care
    • Training
    • Health Care
    • Showing Your Dog
    • Behaviour of Your Dog
    • Your Veteran Dog

    Author : Becki Jo Hirschy
    Hardcover - 155 pages

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Sussex Spaniel - Pet Love

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Sussex Spaniel - Pet Love

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