Parson Russell Terriers - A New Owners Guide
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History, characteristics, selection, temperament, grooming, training, health, exercise, housebreaking and more are covered in this hardcover must have book for any Jack Russell Terrier dogowner.

Hardcover - 155 pages

About the Author :

LINDA BOLLINGER AND PEGGY SWAGER have been involved in the world of the Jack Russell Terrier for some time. Linda Bollinger is a longtime dog expert. Over the years she has been a pet store manager and has raised, trained, and raced Greyhounds. Linda was first introduced to Jack Russell Terriers when she acquired Outback Keegan of Graeloch Kennels. She now shows, raises, and trains Jack Russell Terriers.

Peggy Swager is an author who has written for Dog World and Good Dog Magazine. She has extensive animal husbandry experience and a degree in biology. She owns two Jack Russell Terriers from Graeloch Kennels.

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