Field Spaniel - Pet Love
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This Special Rare Breed Edition dedicated to the Field Spaniel is the only book of its kind about this fun-loving, active sporting spaniel. As a much-needed resource for new Field Spaniel owners, this new book offers reliable and up-to-date information to help the reader better understand, train and raise this independent and talented hunting dog. For a country or suburban dweller seeking an intelligent, loyal companion, the Field Spaniel is certain not to disappoint. Owners, equipped with patience and a sense of humour, will welcome this dog's antics and energy, informed by its delightful brand of mischief and tail-wagging industry. Clever, merry and good-natured, the Field Spaniel guarantees an abundance of smiles in every household in which he dwells.

Written by Field Spaniel specialist and breeder, Becki Jo Hirschy Wolkenheim, Field Spaniel provides the necessary facts about acquiring a puppy, owning the breed, rearing and training. This book combines the insight of breed experts, veterinary surgeons, trainers and behaviourists with a team of experienced book designers, photographers and illustrators to create a resourceful and factual guide for newcomers and experienced fanciers alike.

Illustrated with over 135 colour photographs, this book proves to be as attractive as it is informative. Additionally, innovations of modern science have enabled the publisher to present never-before-seen scanning electron micrograph images produced exclusively for this limited-edition series.

A Special Rare Breed Edition covering :

  • History
  • Characteristics
  • Breed Standard
  • Your Puppy
  • Everyday Care
  • Training
  • Health Care
  • Showing Your dog

Author : Becki Jo Hirschy Wolkenheim
Hardcover - 155 pages