Weimaraners - A New Owners Guide

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    History, characteristics, selection, temperament, training, health, exercise, housebreaking and more are covered in this hardcover must have book for any Weimaraner Dog owner.

    Hardcover - 158 pages

    About the Author :

    Author JUDYTHE COFFMAN became enchanted by the Weimaraner as a youngster and throughout her youth rescued those dogs that had been neglected or abused. In 1972, because she had become so well known for her rescue efforts, a member of the local Weimaraner club gave her a quality dog. He went on to become New World's Playboy, CD, NRD, SDX, VX and the enthusiastic Judythe acquired most of Playboy's titles. In 1975, Judythe and her husband Leonard were able to purchase the future champion Silberholm's Cassiopeia, CD, NRD, NSD, V, BROM. Cassiopeia went on to produce eight champions out of three litters, and she and Playboy became the foundation of their breeding program.

    Judythe and Leonard equally share their enthusiasm for the breed, both involved in judging field trials and training dogs and owners. Over 30 years, the couple has bred only 14 litters under their Grayfire prefix, but have produced 24 champions, many who also have performance titles. Judythe is an active member of both Weimaraner and all-breed clubs. She has developed the Weimaraner Club of America's judge's education program and has served as president of the California Federation of Dog Clubs, an organization that advocates responsible dog ownership and breeding programs.

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Weimaraners - A New Owners Guide

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Weimaraners - A New Owners Guide

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