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    Once kept in great numbers by the Tsar and the noblemen of Russia, the Psowaya Borzoi, as today's Borzoi is properly known, commands attention for its regal beauty, its dignified elegance and its considerable strength, as if recalling its aristocratic past. Although no longer called upon to `pin a wolf' or run down large game, the Borzoi remains a courageous, powerful coursing hound capable of great endurance and speed. As a family dog, the Borzoi's principal role in today's world, the breed is a sensitive, sweet comrade that thrives on being the centre of its owners' attention, yet remains reserved with strangers.

    Written by renowned breed expert and artist, Dr Desiree Scott, this book provides the accurate information about the Borzoi and its origins in Europe and Asia, breed character and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding, basic obedience, proper puppy precautions, house-training and preventative health care. In addition to its authoritative, lively text, this book presents over 13S photographs and illustrations in full colour, which prove to be as informative as they are attractive.

    Whether it's obedience, bloat, socialisation problems or skin allergies, this book is the way to prevention, providing the reader with the necessary guidance an owner needs from puppyhood through the senior years. Recommended by top breeders and trainers, this book is the responsible first choice of every new owner of a Borzoi. Topics discussed include:

    • History of the Borzoi
    • Characteristics of the Borzoi
    • The Borzoi Breed Standard
    • The Borzoi Puppy
    • Everyday Care of Your Borzoi
    • Training Your Borzoi
    • Health Care of Your Borzoi
    • Your Veteran Borzoi
    • Showing Your Borzoi


    Author : Desiree Scott
    Hardcover : 155 pages

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