Bichon Frise - Guide to Owning

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    This distinctive and adorable breed is introduced to the novice in this comprehensive and concisely written guide covering all aspects of life with a Bichon Frise. This book not only provides the reder with a thorough history of the development of the breed, it also includes invaluable information regarding the special grooming needs of the Bichon, as well as feeding, selecting, and training this frisky little companion. This easy-to-read, beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for every Bichon Frise owner.

    • Grooming
    • Selecting
    • Housebreaking
    • Health Care
    • Training

    Soft Cover - 64 pages
    Author : Jamie Dylan

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Bichon Frise - Guide to Owning

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Bichon Frise - Guide to Owning

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