The Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia 3rd edition
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Australia has one of the richest and most diverse collections of reptiles in the world: more than 800 species have been described to date. A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia provides accounts of them all and most are illustrated with lively colour photographs showing them in their natural habitat.

Species are grouped in families, for example Skinks, Geckos, Monitors, Blind Snakes and Pythons. Each entry includes a distribution map, a description – with distinguishing features picked out in bold text – notes on a species preferred habitat and range, information on subspecies and similar species. Extra photographs show most recognised subspecies, as well as differences within species and between sexes.

The book also explains how reptiles are classified, how scientific and common names are applied, how to measure a reptile and how conservation status is determined. Photographs of different reptile habitats will help pinpoint the likely location of certain species.

480 pages.