Revolution for Cats - Blue 6pk

[ REV-00717 ]
Product Review By HannahG
Posted on Friday 07 February, 2014


Revolution was recommended by our vet as the best all-round product, however the price there was $99 for the 6 month treatment and other pet stores and supermarkets in and around our area either did not stock it or were a similar price to our vet.

Oz Pet Shop had the cheapest price we'd seen, the staff are friendly and we recieved the package by the next business day.

The packaging contains very easy-to-understand instructions as well as reminder stickers for a calendar/planner to keep your doses up-to-date. Application is easy and painless. If your pet doesn't enjoy sitting still for medication etc. like ours, distracting them with treats works well, though application is very quick, simply spreading the fur and squeezing the dose onto the exposed skin, it literally takes seconds.