Aristopet Catnip Spray for Cats

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    Get your cat to use a Scratching Post INSTEAD of the Furniture!

    Cats love to sniff, roll, tread and even chew Catnip plants (a member mint family).

    The active ingredient in Catnip plants (nepetalactone) has carefully extracted from Catnip leaves and combined into Cat Lover Catnip Spray for easy application. Simply spray your cat's toys, scratching post, bedding etc. and watch the playful kitten come purring out.

    The effect of Catnip is short-lived (up to 15 minutes), harmless and non-addictive and has been enjoyed by cats for centuries.

    Male and female cats of reproductive age are more sensitive to the aroma of Catnip than very young or old cats.

    Contents: 125mL

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Aristopet Catnip Spray for Cats

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Aristopet Catnip Spray for Cats

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