Automatic Float Waterer Aqua Buddy


Automatic Float Waterer Aqua Buddy

Connects to a garden hose and refills automatically 1.8L.

  • Product Description

    This stylish 1.8L Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer is just the right size for the home and goes well with any decor. It connects to any garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your pet while you are home or away.

    This reliable waterer is made from durable polypropylene, cleans quickly and is sun resistant. Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes or your other animal re-hydration needs. Will not overflow and no training required.

  • Product Reviews
    By PaulS
    Awesome, used this product for about 2/3 years but for first use you must use plumber pipe thread tape so that it doesn't leak ( about $1 for bunnings) All good !!! Also don't turn tap on fully !!

    Posted on Sunday 14 November, 2010

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Automatic Float Waterer Aqua Buddy

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Automatic Float Waterer Aqua Buddy

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