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    Since the door of Noah's Ark slammed on the tail of the Manx Cat, the world has been fascinated by this wondrous tailless feline. Tracing its actual origins to the Isle of Man, off the southern coast of Britain, the Manx Cat is the delightful subject of this colourful handbook. The Manx owner will welcome the insightful advice of author Victor M Radford about the proper care, training and health of the breed. The author draws a colourful image, indeed, of the Manx Cat, including the many 'tall tales' about the breed's genesis and a well-documented account of the breed's actual history. The breed's character, physical portrait (breed standard), colour patterns and behaviour are thoroughly examined by the author, who also offers sensible discussions about purchasing, kitten care, maintenance and health concerns. Given the unique genetic complexity of the breed, the book also describes the basic genetics involved in breeding quality Manx Cats. The author's health chapter is supplemented by an informative section on feline eye care by veterinary
    surgeon Lorraine Waters.

    Discussing both the Shorthaired Manx and Longhaired Manx (Cymric), this authoritative text is enhanced by the accompanying colour photography, both enlivening the chapters and illustrating vital points about the breed. In all, this book presents over 100 colour photographs and illustrations, including some never-before-seen scanning electron micrograph images produced exclusively for this series.

    This attractive and informative volume dedicated to the Manx (at will be a treasured addition to every owner's library, ensuring a happier, more rewarding co-existence between owner and his beloved Manx. Topics discussed include:

    • History of the Manx Cat
    • A Portrait of the Manx Cat
    • Purchasing a Manx Cat
    • Providing a Safe Home for Your Manx Cat
    • Feeding Your Manx Cat
    • Grooming Your Manx Cat
    • Training and Behaviour of Your Manx Cat
    • Breeding Your Manx Cat
    • Exhibiting Your Manx Cat
    • Health Care of Your Manx Cat

    Hardcover - 123 pages
    Author - Victor H Radford

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