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    Whether brown, self-coloured, pointed or spotted, the Oriental Shorthair shimmers with an elegance and grace that befit this much-loved modern feline. Its sleek body and angular head resembles the Siamese in type, though the breed is potentially coloured in over 300 different patterns and shades. No more colourful feline exists in the cat fancy, and Oriental Shorthair lovers boast of a cat whose personality and behaviour are as colourful as its coat. The Oriental Shorthair owner will welcome the advice from author Maria Graciete Coelho about the proper care, training and health of this marvellous purebred cat. The author provides information about the
    development of the breed, a description of the Oriental Shorthair's physical characteristics, colour ranges and temperament and enlightening discussions about feeding, grooming, breeding, showing and much more.

    This authoritative yet infinitely readable text is enhanced by the accompanying colour photography, both enlivening the chapters and illustrating vital points about the breed. In all, this book presents over 100 colour photographs and illustrations, including some never-before-seen scanning electron micrograph images produced exclusively for this series. As attractive as it is informative, this book also addresses the health concerns of every Oriental Shorthair owner, including a special section about feline eye problems, plus reliable advice about safety in the home, selecting a veterinary surgeon and effective parasite control. Helpful hints and important information are highlighted to provide easy access to everything the reader needs to know about life with a Oriental Shorthair.

    This remarkably concise and informative volume dedicated to the Oriental Shorthair cat will be a treasured addition to every Oriental Shorthair lover's library, ensuring a happier, more rewarding co-existence between owner and his beloved Oriental Shorthair cat. Topics covered include:

    • History of the Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • A Portrait of the Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Purchasing a Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Providing a Safe Home for Your Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Feeding Your Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Grooming Your Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Training and Behaviour of Your Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Breeding Your Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Exhibiting Your Oriental Shorthair Cat
    • Health Care of Your Oriental Shorthair Cat

    Hardcover - 123 pages
    Author - Maria Graciete Coelho

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Oriental Shorthair Cat - Pet Love

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