Portuguese Water Dog - Pet Love


Portuguese Water Dog - Pet Love

155 pages in this hardcover rare breed edition published in the UK on the versatile working breed, the Portuguese Water Dog.

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    Author : Paolo Correa
    Hardcover - 155 pages

    This Special Rare Breed Edition dedicated to the Portuguese Water Dog is the only book of its kind about this athletic and versatile working breed. As a much-needed resource for potential Portuguese Water Dog owners and current owners of the breed, this new book offers reliable and up-to-date information to help the reader better understand, train and raise this dynamic dog. While the breed's clown-like temperament and sunny disposition, complimented by his tremendous energy and aquatic skills, recommends this lion-clad breed to dog lovers around the world, the Portuguese Water Dog requires an active, informed and available owner to thrive and remain healthy and happy.

    Portuguese Water Dog provides the necessary facts about acquiring a well-bred puppy, hereditary health concerns, training and behaviour modification. This book combines the expertise of breed specialists, veterinary surgeons, trainers and behaviourists with a team of experienced book designers, photographers and illustrators to create a resourceful and factual guide for newcomers and experienced fanciers alike. Illustrated with over 135 colour photographs, this book proves to be as attractive as it is informative. Additionally, innovations of modern science have enabled the publisher to present never-before-seen scanning electron micrograph images produced exclusively for this limited-edition series.

    A Special Rare Breed Edition covering :

    • History
    • Characteristics
    • Breed Standard
    • Your Puppy
    • Everyday Care
    • Housebreaking and Training
    • Health Care
    • Your Senior Dog
    • Understanding Behaviour
    • Showing Your Dog

    Author : Paolo Correa
    Hardcover - 155 pages

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Portuguese Water Dog - Pet Love

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Portuguese Water Dog - Pet Love

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