Dalmatians Today

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Dalmatians Today

A book for the true enthusiast of the Dalmatian Breed.

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    Author: Patches Silverstone
    Pages: 158
    Format: Hardback

    The precise origins of the Dalmatian are unclear, but the `spotted dog' has an ancient history. Dogs of this type were depicted on Egyptian tombs more than 2,000 years ago.

    Dalmatians were originally used as hunting dogs. Travelling gypsies were attracted by the breed's unusual appearance, and the dogs were adopted as travelling companions and incorporated into circus acts.

    But it was in the role of a coach or carriage dog that the Dalmatian became best known. Dogs were trained to run with carriages of the gentry, and it soon became a mark of high fashion to have a distinctive Dalmatian running alongside your carriage.

    In America, the breed was adopted as a mascot of the fire service, and the `fire dog' would run alongside fire engines.

    In this comprehensive Book of the Breed, the author examines the origins of the Dalmatian, and focuses on its role as companion dog and show dog.

    All aspects of choosing and caring for a new puppy are explained, including information on training and socialisation.

    Advice is given on the exercise and nutritional needs of this large, energetic dog, together with a training regime to allow you to get the very best from your Dalmatian.

    For the experienced owner, there is information on breeding and genetics. Deafness, a condition associated with Dalmatians, is given special coverage.

    Lavishly illustrated with colour and black-and-white photography, Dalmatians Today is a must for all breed enthusiasts.

    First published in 1997

    Author : Patches Silverstone - served on the committee of the British Dalmatian Club for nearly 20 years, and has continued to serve as Vice President. A qualified Championship Judge she has has judged in Belgium, Australia, Denmark, N.Z. and Finland.

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