Feline Greenies 85g

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    In so many ways, cats look and act differently than dogs. One thing they share is the potential of developing dental problems. In fact, by the age of three, more than 80% of your four-legged family members have dental disease.

    Left unchecked, the disease can adversely affect your pets breath, the health of their teeth and gums even the quality of their overall physical well-being. The key to effective dental control for cats and dogs is to have regularly scheduled veterinary check-ups and to interrupt plaque from forming between these visits.

    Greenies products are a fun and proven solution for keeping a healthy smile on your pets and to take a bite out of dental disease.

    Feline Greenies  the original green smart-treat is the first dental cat treat worthy of the Greenies name. Feline Greenies is the key to preventing plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to dental problems.  An independent pet nutrition center, after testing the effects of Feline Greenies on tartar and plaque accumulation, found:

    • 37% reduction in dental tartar
    • 19% reduction in plaque
    • 21% reduction in gingivitus

    Cats have a keener sense of taste then dogs, so our finicky friends were kept in mind when developing Feline Greenies. The results...in a taste test against a leading cat treat, cats chose Feline Greenies as their first choice three times more frequently than the competition. Your cat will love the delicious flavours: Ocean Fish or Chicken.

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    By KateR
    Both our cats love these; they both sitting looking at the cupboard and meow until we get the pouch out then they run for their bowls.

    Posted on Wednesday 27 June, 2007

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Feline Greenies 85g

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Feline Greenies 85g

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