Rogz Resin Pet ID Tagz
[ TPP-01365 ]

Another great product from Rogz are the Resin Pet ID Tagz. They are self customizable with no engraving required. Simply write your pets name and contact number or get creative on the computer and print out one to fit, a stencil and assembly instructions are provided. Stick both sides of the tag together and you have a lightweight, funky designed pet id tag. These are great for cats or both dogs big and small.  They are silent, no more rattling noises and are corrosion free so no more rusty metal rings.

The large measures 35mm in diatmeter. These tags are extremely lightweight so are ideal for both cats and dogs, the small size would suit a cat collar. Please make your size and design selection when you order.


Available Options:
Bronze Bone:
Pink Bone:
Lime Bone:
Choc Feminine:
Neon Chrome:
Surf Tartan:
Floral Tartan:
Zebra Paws:
Denim Rose:
Red Heart: