Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
[ DNK-01379 ]

The Drinkwell Platinum pet water fountain is recommended for cat owners, multi-cat owners, small and medium dogs. The Platinum holds 5 litres of water and comes with an additional reservoir built in.

Features include:

  • Snap on lid to prevent accidental removal
  • Pre-filter to catch large particles before they reach the motor
  • High capacity charcoal filter
  • Submersible pump
  • An in-line plug helps for easy removal from the wall
  • Rubber feet to prevent sliding
  • Fresh filtered Water
  • Falling Stream adds oxygen
  • Improves health of your pets
  • No assembly required

Why Animals Love Running Water!
In nature, moving water is much fresher than stagnant water. The movement constantly breaks the surface tension of the water and draws oxygen from the air into the water. This process is called aeration and it makes water more appealing to drink. Pets may be drawn by instinct to moving water for this reason.

The DRINKWELL PET FOUNTAIN filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. It satisfies the urge for running water and so helps eliminate jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets.

Even cats who don't jump on counters to drink from faucets may drink more water using the Fountain. Why is this important? As the veterinarian who created the Fountain for her own cats knows, many cats may not drink as much water as they should. This is one reason the urine becomes so concentrated and predisposes some cats to urinary tract disease. Cats with urinary tract or kidney disease have a critical need for water to support kidney function or prevent crystal formation and obstruction.

The DRINKWELL PET FOUNTAIN is veterinarian designed and recommended by vet urinary specialists. It encourages water intake and proper hydration in healthy cats, and is especially beneficial in cats with kidney or urinary tract disease. AND it discourages jumping on counters in search of dripping faucets!

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain - Watch it in action!

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