Great Danes Today


Great Danes Today

A book for the true enthusiast of the Great Dane Dog Breed.

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    Author: Di Johnson
    Pages: 158
    Format: Hardback

    The noble Great Dane is one of the most impressive-looking breeds and, if you have the space, it makes a superb family companion. Despite the name, the Great Dane first came from Germany, originally bred as a boar hound. Wild boar were rated as the most savage, swift and powerful big game on the Continent, and the Germans developed a `super dog' to tackle them. The Great Dane needed speed, courage and endurance, and these qualities remain as important today as the breed's spectacular size and noble good looks.

    In Great Danes Today, the author Di Johnson uses her tremendous expertise to guide the newcomer through choosing and rearing a Great Dane puppy, to establishing a kennel and a successful strain. The Breed Standard is analysed in detail, and there is invaluable advice on handling in the show ring.

    Great Danes Today has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Dog Writers Association of America.

     First published in 1994


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