Puppy Cool Teether

  • Product Description

    Your Puppy needs...
    help in soothing tender gums and developing appropriate occasions to chew

    Your Adult Dog needs...
    help in satisfying the urge to chew with appropriate chew toy and to fight boredom when alone, decreasing likelihood of destructive behaviour

    Your Senior Dog needs...
    attention to dental health; helping to prevent bad breath, tooth loss, gum disease and jaw muscle atrophyonsistent reassurance, predictability and a sense of security, comfort and safety

    The Puppy Cool Teether:

    • Soothes new gums and helps satisfy urge to chew
    • Knotted streamers easy to chew for any size puppy
    • Soft plush will not harm young gums


  • Product Reviews
    By NarelleT
    This is great for teething puppies... My puppy likes eating ice but it's too slippery, he only got this today and loves it already... Very great and fast service too....

    Posted on Wednesday 10 December, 2008
    By TeischaC
    My dog loves this toy. We use it for fetch or tug playing, or he just plays with it alone. Great from the freezer too!

    Posted on Monday 24 November, 2008

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Puppy Cool Teether

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Puppy Cool Teether

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