Dogue Stud Muffin Collars

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  • Product Description

    These studded collars make a great statement. Dogs always love wearing studs and now they can jazz them up with this fun range of colours.

    They are designed to be wide at the back to accentuate the look and thin at the front so when they are worn by the dog they are very comfortable. Made from the highest quality New Zealand leather, and built to last, and last.

    Stunning in all colours.

    Sizing Guide:

    35cm - Width 25mm
    40cm - Width 25mm
    45cm - Width 30mm
    50cm - Width 35mm
    55cm - Width 40mm
    60cm - Width 45mm
    65cm - Width 50mm


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Dogue Stud Muffin Collars

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Dogue Stud Muffin Collars

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