Dog Walking Bag

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    A very sophisticated client (no names!) gave us her wish list. She wanted to:- carry (& hide until she got there) the ball & toys; store those ugly plastic 'clean up' bags; stash the mobile (but still find it when it rang); bring the keys without the incessant rattle; take her wallet (café lattes calling); pocket the treats (bribes for having café lattes) & definitely & categorically do it in style. Everything was to be hidden but all was to be in easy reach. Would we mind ensuring she could run her dog without dropping anything!!??

    IMPROVED!! - Now with...

    - Removable, washable treat pouch
    - Internal MP3 player pocket & headphone clip
    - Quick access mobile phone pocket
    - Zippered compartment just for your Water Wallet
    - Front mesh pouch for the wet/slobbery stuff


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Dog Walking Bag

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Dog Walking Bag

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