Knob Goblin Sea Creatures

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    New from the Knob Goblin range are the sea creatures. Prawns and sea horses with bells and feathers will drive your cat nuts. Simply hang one of these sea creatures from a door knob. One whiff of that mysterious aromatic catnip and Kitty will go wild trying to catch his new pal.

    There are a mixture of sea creatures available so we can not specify which one will be sent. Pictured is the prawn but all are hand picked for maximum stimulation, cats love these.


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    By DebbieI
    This is a good looking product which my 12 week old kitten was intrigued with. The colours, bell and feathers which moved in the slightest breeze all helped interest. BUT..for the price I don't think it is made well enough...if a tiny 12 week old kitten can destroy this toy in a week it would not stand up to a larger cat playing

    Posted on Thursday 11 August, 2011

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Knob Goblin Sea Creatures

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Knob Goblin Sea Creatures

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