In Praise of Cats
[ BKW-01839 ]

Did you know that the Bible does not mention cats at all? Do you know why we say the cat has been put among the pigeons? Why do we think they have nine lives? How much of our great literature refers to cats - and what do authors say? These are the questions that every cat owner has pondered at one time or another. At last, all the cat references in our language have been gathered in one place to provide a informative, fun and comprehensive resource for the cat fan - from owners to aficionados.

Find out:

  • 100 expressions in the English language which feature cats
  • who said what about cats down the centuries
  • if violin strings really are made from cat guts
  • how to say 'cat' in Greek, Russian, Maori, Hebrew, Turkish and 20 other languages

About the Author Max Cryer is one of New Zealand's best known broadcasters and writers and for the last decade has hosted a high-rating radio programme on the structure and use of the English language. In 1994 he was awarded an MBE for services to literature and music.

Softcover - 212 pages