Frontline Plus - Large Dog 20-40kg - Purple 6pk
[ MER-00199 ]
For the treatment and prevention fleas and control of ticks on dogs. For use on puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Long-lasting FRONTLINE Plus controls both fleas and ticks and is water fast, remaining effective even after repeated water immersion.

FRONTLINE only needs to be applied monthly if using FRONTLINE Plus, or 2 monthly if FRONTLINE Spray. If you see fleas or ticks on your treated pet, these have most likely come from your pet's environment and will soon be killed by FRONTLINE.

FRONTLINE Plus must first spread in the oils of the skin over the pet's body. This process, called translocation, occurs in about 24 hours, (translocation can be delayed on pets with very dry skin or limited mobility, such as caged animals).