The Aqualife Guide To Fishkeeping DVD

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    Aquariums are a fascinating hobby gaining rapidly in popularity. Observing fish in an attractive aquarium is a source of much pleasure providing therapeutic powers of relaxation which helps to lessen daily stress.

    This DVD programme explains in simple terms how to set up a freshwater aquarium.

    Full of useful tips and advice you will learn the do's and don'ts of successful fishkeeping.

    Enjoy your Aquarium!

    • How to avoid some common mistakes.
    • Choosing the right tank, size, location.
    • Filtration, biological or mechanical.Heating, correct temperature.
    • Tank decoration.
    • Lighting, effective and decoration.
    • Choosing the right fish.
    • Running time approx. 20 minutes
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The Aqualife Guide To Fishkeeping DVD

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The Aqualife Guide To Fishkeeping DVD

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