Puppies Raising & Training Diary For Dummies

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    This super-friendly diary helps puppy owners discover fun ways to raise and their puppy, based on a weekly calendar of growth and development. Puppyhood is the most delightful - and difficult - period in your dog's life. But don't sweat it! Filled with savvy tips and practical suggestions, this handy journal allows you to easily record your puppy's progress. With over 52 weeks of advice, you will find out how to raise a well adjusted pup in no time. It offers:

    • Puppy how-to guidance and a diary to record growth and development
    • Expert advice on teaching a dog to be a well-behaved member of the family
    • Tips on raising a healthy dog and handling developmental problems
    • Pointers on building a strong emotional bond with a puppy

    Table of Contents:

    PART I: I've Picked Out My Pup -- What's Next?
    Chapter 1: Creating a Comfortable Home for Your Puppy.
    Chapter 2: Early Training for You & Your Puppy.
    Chapter 3: Communicating with Your Puppy.
    Chapter 4: House-training.
    PART II: The Puppy Raising & Training Diary.
    Diary Pages.
    PART III: The Part of Tens.
    Chapter 5: Ten Ways to Keep Puppy Healthy.
    Chapter 6: Ten Fun Games.

    Author : Sarah Hodgson, director of Simply Sarah, Inc., has taught dog-training classes for over fourteen years. She is the author of Puppies For Dummies, You & Your Puppy, and DogPerfect.

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Puppies Raising & Training Diary For Dummies

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Puppies Raising & Training Diary For Dummies

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