The Holistic Dog Book
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"This book is an important contribution to improving the health, well-being and care of our closest animal companion, the dog. No one with a dog should be without this book." — From the Foreword by Dr. Michael W. Fox

The Holistic Dog Book addresses your whole dog and all the ways you can bring a more natural approach to your dog's care. Whether you're interested in essential oils, homeopathy, natural diets, herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage or emotionally satisfying training, you'll find what you need to make well-informed decisions about what's right for the both of you.

About the Author:
DENISE FLAIM is the companion-animal columnist for Newsday. With her naturally reared champion Rhodesian Ridgebacks, she is involved in showing, lure coursing, obedience and therapy dog work.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Michael W. Fox.
Introduction The Holistic Balance.
Chapter 1: Nutrition: Is Your Dog Eating McFood?
Chapter 2: Herbs and Essential Oils: Healing Gifts From the Plant World.
Chapter 3: Homeopathy: When Less Is Definitely More.
Chapter 4: Traditional Chinese Medicine: East Finally Meets West.
Chapter 5: Touching Therapies: A Look at Hands-On Healing.
Chapter 6: Vibrational Therapies: Seeing Isn’t Always Believing.
Chapter 7: Vaccination: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Chapter 8: Relationships: Dominion Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.
Chapter 9: Animal Communication: Exploring the Unspoken.
Chapter 10: Cancer: A Journey of Healing.
Chapter 11: Allergies: More Than Skin Deep.
Chapter 12: Veterinarians: Finding the Perfect One.
Appendix A: A Job to Do.
Appendix B: Holistic Remedies by Condition.

Softcover 288 pages