Jack Russell Terrier: Courageous Companion

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Jack Russell Terrier: Courageous Companion

Written for each and every lover of this spunky dog, the Jack Russell Terrier.

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    Pages: 176
    Format: Hardback

    Known for its hunting skills and endless energy, the Jack Russell Terrier is absolutely a breed apart. In addition to discussion of the breed's development and working history, this book will serve as a new owner's reference, with guidance on care, feeding and training the companion dog.

    1. The Jack Russell Terrier: Is It the Right Breed for You?
    2. A Brief History of the Jack Russell Terrier.
    3. The Official Breed Standard with Interpretation.
    4. Finding the Jack Russell Terrier for You.
    5. Living with a Jack Russell Terrier.
    6. Keeping Your JRT Happy and Healthy.
    7. Caring for the Jack Russell Terrier.
    8. Grooming the Jack Russell Terrier.
    9. Showing the Jack Russell Terrier.
    10. Hunting, Performance Activities and Other Fun Things.
    11. The Behavior and Training of Your Jack Russell Terrier.
    12. What You Should Know About Breeding.
    13. Special Care for the Older Dog.
    14. The Breed Club of America.
    15. Headliners.
    Appendix A: The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America's Breeder's Code of Ethics.
    Appendix B: Jack Russell Terrier Clubs of the World.
    Appendix C: Jack Russell Terrier Club of America--Affiliated Clubs.
    Appendix D: The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America's Judges and Hunting Certificates.
    Appendix E: Resources.

    Author - CATHERINE ROMAINE BROWN has been a Jack Russell Terrier owner for over 15 years. In addition to breeding and raising Jack Russells, Catherine frequently hunts with her dogs. She founded the JRTCA national rescue network, has served as a Working Judge for this organization since 1988, and became a Conformation Judge in 1995. Catherine is the author of The Jack Russell Terrier: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet, published by Howell Book House, and writes a regular column on Terrier Troubles for True Grit, the magazine of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.


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Jack Russell Terrier: Courageous Companion

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