How to Massage Your Dog

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    Do you have a couch-potato pooch who needs stimulating? A hyperactive hound who you'd like to get to relax? Find the advice you need, as well as a good dose of humor and charm, in How To Massage Your Dog.

    As this letter from Mandy the Mutt, a satisfied dog, says, "I was a little skeptical when you started touching me in this new manner, but I must admit it is very relaxing and does help take my mind off our regular trips to the veterinarian.... With many woofs of pleasure, yours faithfully."

    Why, When, Where, How Often to Massage Your Dog. Massage for Puppies, Elderly Dogs and more.

    Hardcover - 81 pages
    Author - JANE BUCKLE, originally trained as a nurse in England specializing in Cardiac Intensive Care, JANE holds a Bachelor's degree in Complementary Health Studies from Exeter University. She taught anatomy, physiology and clinical science in the U.K. Currently she lectures and consults on alternative therapies in the U.S. and is also completing a book on clinical aromatherapy. As soon as she settles in one place, she intends to get a really Big dog.


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How to Massage Your Dog

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How to Massage Your Dog

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