Golden Retriever: Your Happy Healthy Pet


Golden Retriever: Your Happy Healthy Pet

Provides authoritative information and advice you need for a happy healthy Golden Retriever.

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    Hardcover - 144 pages
    Author - Peggy Moran

    Includes DVD

    Packed with full-color photographs, this fun and practical guide gives you everything you need to make your relationship with your Golden Retreiver even better. Inside, you'll find: Characteristics to look for when choosing your Golden; a list of supplies you'll need; advice on grooming, feeding, and training; a chart to keep track of important information. In addition, a bonus large breed dog training DVD shows you how to teach your furry friend basic commands and tricks, correct inappropriate behaviors, and understand his or her unique personality.

    Author - Peggy Moran has been educating dogs and their owners for more than thirty years. She is the proud owner of two Golden Retrievers, Rowdy and Buddie, who are shining examples of the breed's beauty and brains. Peggy has been featured on television and radio shows and currently offers training at her Lemont, Illinois, training center.

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Golden Retriever: Your Happy Healthy Pet

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Golden Retriever: Your Happy Healthy Pet

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