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    Very often dogs find the introduction of a new baby to the house to be stressful. They lose a lot of attention and the privileges they are used to, such as getting on the furniture. They may find the sound of the baby crying distressing, or they may worry about the way that we rush about when we hear crying. It is all confusing and it doesn't have to be.

    Sounds Soothing contains a CD and booklet of training tips that help to prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby so that you can feel confident and your dog does not feel put out or stressed.

    Simply play the CD to the dog daily until he or she is used to the noises of babies and children, and follow the training tips to prepare your dog for new routines such as when you are feeding or changing your baby. By following the advice you will also uncover any problems before your baby arrives, so that you can get extra help or do more training.

    Sounds Soothing is the only product available that is designed to help dogs and children get on better, so that they can develop a good relationship.

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Sounds Soothing CD

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Sounds Soothing CD

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