Sounds Sociable CD
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Leaving mum is a stressful time for puppies.....Sounds Sociable is a CD designed to help puppies settle in to their new homes. The CD contains issues that puppies need to get used to in order to prevent fears and phobias later in life. It includes domestic noises, traffic, fireworks, thunder, children and, just in case your puppy has a future in the show ring, the sound of applause. The pack also contains a booklet about how to get over basic problems encountered when bringing a new puppy home for the first time..

Features :

  • Settling your new puppy at night
  • Housetraining
  • Introducing your puppy to car travel
  • Going for the first walk, and meeting new people
  • Choosing appropriate treats

Breeders can use "sounds sociable" to give their puppies the best start in a new home. As a new owner you can continue to use the disc and help to make your new puppy as comfortable as possible in its domestic environment.

The quality and performance of Sounds Sociable products has made them the preferred choice of veterinary surgeons and behaviourists around the world.

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