Prestige Cosy Fleece Vest Brown/Beige Check

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    • S1 (19cm):SOLD OUT
    • S2 (19cm):SOLD OUT
    • S3 (22cm):SOLD OUT
    • S4 (24cm):SOLD OUT
    • M1 (28cm):SOLD OUT
    • M2 (32cm):SOLD OUT
    • L1 (38cm):SOLD OUT
    • L2 (43cm):SOLD OUT
    • XL1 (48cm):SOLD OUT
    • XL2 (50cm):$47.90
    • XX1 (53cm):SOLD OUT
    • XX2 (55cm):SOLD OUT
    • XX3 (63cm):SOLD OUT
  • Product Description

    Brown & Beige Check Prestige Cosy Fleece Vest. Designed for a close fit to keep your dog cosy and warm during those chilly winter days. The Polar Fleece fabric is lightweight but very warm. Easy to fit - strong zipper attachment along the backline.

    Available Colours (please note this is Brown/Beige Check):

    Solid : Navy, Pink and Purple
    Check : Brown/Beige
    Print : Flower Power and Cow



    Please use the following Sizing Guide to obtain an accurate fit :

    Measure the distance from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

    Size: (NOTE the breeds mentioned are suggested only, please measure your dog and if you have any queries drop us an email we'll be able help) :

    S1 (19cm) Chihuahua - Small Stature
    S2 (19cm) Chihuahua - Medium Stature
    S3 (22cm) Maltese
    S4 (24cm) Maltese
    M1 (28cm) Pug, Fox Terriers, etc
    M2 (32cm) Whippets
    L1 (38cm) Beagles, etc
    L2 (43cm) Staffies
    XL1 (48cm) Staffies, Boxers, etc
    XL2 (50cm) Labradors etc.
    XX1 (53cm) Dobermanns etc.
    XX2 (55cm)  Rottweiler Small
    XX3 (63cm) Rottweiler Small

    (Some small sizes can also be used as cat vests)

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Prestige Cosy Fleece Vest Brown/Beige Check

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Prestige Cosy Fleece Vest Brown/Beige Check

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