Joint Guard Powder for Dogs
[ DRN-02811 ]

Joint Guard for dogs:

  • provides essential components required for joint cartilage repair and maintenance
  • is for regular daily administration for a protective effect aids production of normal healthy cartilage matrix and of synovial (joint) fluid.
  • Joint Guard helps prevent cartilage degeneration by supplying all critical components on a daily basis. This is a chondroprotective (joint protective) effect.
  • It is formulated for regular, in-feed administration. Research trials on combinations of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Manganese and Vitamin C report a significant synergy between these components, and a chondroprotective effect, as well as a mild anti-inflammatory effect following regular administration. The essential components inJoint Guard serve to both reduce cartilage degeneration, and stimulate production of healthy cartilage matrix. Glucosamine hydrochloride - stimulates formation of both synovial (joint) fluid and the cartilage matrix, Chondroitin sulfate - provides protection from the enzymes which break down cartilage, and is the major component in cartilage, Manganese and Vitamin C - are essential in the pathways to manufacture cartilage MSM - is used during soft connective tissue synthesis e.g. in the joint capsule.

For dosage and more information please visit the Joint Guard web site.

Available in 200g, 400g or 750g.


Available Options:
200 g:$54.95
400 g:$87.95
750 g:$147.95